Moving Next Door

April 1st, Atlantis-Discovered will be moving into a much larger location next door to where we are now. This is to make room for even MORE Incredible and Unique products.

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding us, since we’ll be basically in the same place and bigger than ever. Our address will be changing to 7036 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX  78238.

Come see all the new stuff!

Shimmers In The Sand

Shimmers In The Sand

We’d like to introduce you to Shimmers In The Sand. Shimmers in the Sand is a customer of Atlantis Discovered and has found many Belly Dance Accessories here.

“Shimmers in the Sand” is a San Antonio based dance troupe, performing the ancient art form of BellyDance. They perform for many charitable functions, fundraisers, festivals, corporate events, private parties, etc., promoting cultural awareness in the community!

The Shimmers in the Sand Website is: Phone #:  210-247-8888

Christmas 2011

Atlantis Discovered has done it yet again. We’ve re-decorated the store for Christmas. After remodeling and enlarging the store before Halloween, we’ve gone way over the top yet again. Come check out the window. Check out the store. Get some presents for Christmas.

Remodeled Showroom – MORE Masks

We’ve started moving walls to bring you more Masquerade and Party Masks and MORE Costumes. We are currently working on our remodel, however the store is still open. We will have a changing room, so people can try on their costumes. Get ready for Halloween. Check out the awesome new pictures, then come in to the store at Atlantis Discovered.


Atlantis Discovered in Laura J’s new Video

Laura J comes to the rescue at Atlantis Discovered. Recently the artist Laura J filmed a portion of her new music video ‘Illuminate’ inside Atlantis Discovered.

Watch the whole video, but pay attention at about 3:45 into the video where a young girl comes to the counter at Atlantis Discovered and wants to buy a Tiara for a dollar. After being told it wasn’t enough, Laura J steps in and buys the Tiara for the girl, placing it upon her head and receiving a huge smile in return.

Costumes – Not just for Halloween

Atlantis Discovered has found that people like to dress up all year! Whether you’re headed out for a Masquerade Party, going to Mardi Gras or Fiesta or any other event, Atlantis Discovered has the costumes for you. We have many unique and interesting costumes, in addition to Masks and Jewelry to complete your look. We will be adding more pictures soon, but check out our window design below for an idea. We have lots of affordable to very expensive costumes and everything in between.

In addition to actual costumes, we also carry ‘the real thing’ to complete many looks. Want to dress like a Belly Dancer? Atlantis Discovered carries a complete line of Belly Dancer Accessories. The real thing. Not merely for costumes. We also have an assortment of other items such as kimonos, robes, feathers, boas, tiaras and much much more.