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As of June 3rd, 2016 Atlantis Discovered is proud to announce the launch of our New Online Store.. Please visit at this link: (store is on another site).. 

Physical Store

We have THOUSANDS of items in our store in San Antonio. Come in and explore the wonders and secrets of Atlantis! Most of our stock changes so often, that it’s impossible to take all the pictures, gather the description information, pricing, etc, and get it on the website before it’s sold! So, generally, we only put items that we can get over and over. Much of our stock is ONE OF A KIND! (or a couple of a kind).
You can e-mail us at

Our phone number is 210-523-7900

2 Replies to “Store”

  1. Hi Mike, Here is a website where you can see Maleficent and her robe.
    Notice how long it is. She has a long neck and there appears to be “wings” at the back of her head that is not part of the collar. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that. I’m also attaching a “youtube” video on how to apply the makeup, but it shows her collar. Here it is: I hope you can see both websites.


  2. First off: I adore your store. I have shopped at your gorgeous, treasure-filled boutique many times over the years and have watched it grow. There’s been many a time where, at the last minute, I needed that perfect hair accessory, just the right sparkling jewelry, or the spot-on shade of color on my long-satin gloves and have turned to you guys – and rightfully so! (There are also those times when I just want to get out of Bandera traffic and get whisked away to the land of glittering trinkets, soothing incense and tranquil fountains and music). There is just no other store in San Antonio like Atlantis Discovered!!!!

    Much love!


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